Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

If your customers are like most people then we get it...they love having those little "extras" when it comes to their cell phone needs. Otherwise known as accessories those items can help improve a company's bottom line and that is why they should be added to your inventory. We offer several types of accessories such as

  • Bluetooth headsets for wireless hands-free operation on the go
  • Wall chargers for at home use just in case the one that comes with the phone isn't enough
  • Car chargers for those long road trips or short trips to the grocery store
  • Memory cards which expands your device's memory storage and lets you capture every detail of adventure and take the wait out of transferring your information inbetween devices
  • SIM cards which some phones need a SIM card in order to identify the owner and communicate with the mobile network. We offer SIMs ready for activation in various sizes of FULL, MINI, MICRO, and NANO.
  • Portable Speakers which many customers like to use with their Bluetooth enabled phones to play music on the go, at the park, on a camping trip or maybe just in their own backyard.
It is important to know what your customers are looking for and for what sells and our wholesale accessories are a great way to fill that need.