RMA Procedure

Use the following check list for a successful Return Merchandise Authorization:
  • Please Fill out Completely and then Submit <<<<<<RMA Form / Formulario de RMA >>>>>>.
  • The RMA Department will verify:
    • The ESN # (to confirm unit is from MW GROUP)
    • The Warranty (90 days from shipped date)
    • The Defect
    • Invoice #
  • All phones must state the defect, and will be checked for this defect only. If we find the phone to be in working condition we will return the unit As-Is.
    • Sample of Acceptable defects to state:*Power’s on and off * microphone problem* speaker problem * LCD* keypad *
    • Unacceptable Stated Defects: * Not working * dead phone *defective * unable to sell *
  • If the phone is defective and still in warranty:
    • Has a new housing: we will replace it for another unit of the same model.
    • If housing is used (per say Scratches): you will have an option for us to fix the unit and return it with the same Housing or for you, the customer, to pay for a new housing.

(Cost example= V3 Razor $6.00 per Housing.) If housing is not available, there may be a delay.

  • When submitting the form you have agreed with the terms and conditions of this form. Incomplete forms would not be process. Please be specific in the reason for return.
  • Our RMA department will contact you within 2 business days with an approved RMA number. This RMA number is valid for 14 business days only.
  • Ship the approved items only. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items shipped without RMA approval. Any items received without an approved RMA will be rejected and send back as is.
  • Please write RMA number on the Outside of the box .
  • Phones returned as received i.e. accessories, box, chargers.
  • Ship to the following address: MW Group, INC. RMA No _______ 7325 Atoll Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605